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    Office 365 Partner & Microsoft Business Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 Partner & Reseller

As a Microsoft Office 365 reseller and partner, GUT Consulting offers the sale and support an Office 365 platform and suite of apps for businesses of all sizes and types.

As Office 365 admins, we migrate your data and process to a smart workflow, showing hidden features and capabilities that improve efficiency. The business productivity suite comes with Microsoft’s best software that previously needed a salaried IT department to manage.

What We Offer

Through our managed service, we offer Office 365 administration and cloud solutions that take care of migration, end-user support, and on-premise continuity. You can reach organizational goals faster through office applications combined with our technical support and admin center.

Our goal is to save your business’ money and increase your productivity. Global as well as local companies can benefit from Microsoft 365 admin services that improve communication and workflows. Our consulting allows you to access support and training.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

  • Includes mobile apps and the suite of Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more
  • Manages email and file storage alongside app solutions
  • Improves ability to enhance customer relationships
  • Tailors its platform and services to your needs
  • Gain additional support and training