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    Business Continuity Planning and Evaluation

Be Proactive with Business Continuity Planning

Defining Business Continuity

Business continuity (BC) maintains business functions and protects them from major disruption. Securing success during disaster, up-to-date plans help personnel carry out best practices. Our Toledo, OH based IT consulting company can help you develop a business continuity plan so you can be prepared.

A business continuity plan outlines procedures to resist disaster impacts on your assets, human resources, partners, and more. Protect your business from long recovery times that threaten operation and success.

Our business continuity plan for your business includes disaster recovery (DR) to restore infrastructure and operations after a crisis. While looking at the continuity of your entire organization, we support recovery of sales and support directly after disaster.

Developing a Business Continuity Plan for Free

Our comprehensive business continuity planning and evaluation process includes a no-cost meeting to assess business technology and practices.

Learn the where, what, and why of cloud services to avoid data loss and interruption of critical business functions. Our BCP outlines the specific advantages cloud computing brings your business.

We’ve developed BCPs for companies in Toldeo, Maumee, Perrysburg, Bowling Green, and even Anne Arbor and we can help you too. Together we will review the business continuity management assessment and discover custom next steps for disaster recovery plans, organizational resilience, recovery strategies, and overall implementation. We work with you to customize solutions and flexibly serve your business.

When you choose GUT, your business continuity management consulting meeting will produce a plan that includes the right relationships, product understanding, and know-how to solve business needs and setbacks. Securely run your business from the cloud through our guidance. It costs you nothing to talk with us and see what we can do.

Gaining Business Continuity Benefits

  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased flexibility
  • Disaster Recovery functionality
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction