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    AWS and Google Cloud Services Implementation

AWS and Google Cloud Services Made Easy

GUT Consulting understands and implements AWS and Google cloud services and solutions for their clients across the Toledo, OH area to save clients’ money, increase productive uptime, and improve information security.

Our Services

Our managed services and cloud storage solutions help you thrive through virtual machines, serverless applications, computing storage, and multi-cloud backups. We make Google Cloud implementations and AWS Cloud implementation easy and pain-free. This means when you use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), you gain an app engine to satisfy almost any technical need.

Amazon AWS cloud offers easy deployment for web applications, saving time and resources between releases of new versions. High-computing power improves the productivity of your team with a range of automatic scaling, configuration, and setup functions. Both GCP and AWS save time, conserve resources, and require no long-term commitments for their limitless capacity.

Gain Benefits of AWS Cloud Services

  • Decreases costs compared to dedicated servers
  • Offers centralized billing and management
  • Allows application deployment across regions
  • Includes hybrid capabilities

Secure Perks of Google Cloud Services

  • Includes consistent updates to languages and systems
  • Improves user experience with superior UI
  • Gives broad network access and flexibility
  • Offers on-demand self-service